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March 22, 2018 - Comments Off on ANNA KANTILAFTAS


Anna’s background is a stewpot of experiences. From writing about her travels around Australia and interviewing celebrities like Tina Arena and Daniel Ricciardo, to editing Australian Rules Football magazines, scrutinising bottles of wines and reviewing cars on racetracks, there’s not a lot she doesn’t know (or so she’ll tell you anyway).

This eclecticism carries into other areas of her life. She’s half-studied a fashion degree and often creates and re-creates her clothes, and she loves any kind of travel experience that will end with a muddy car or a totally new cultural perspective. She’s a fiercely proud Leo and given the chance, sharing horoscopes would be on every meeting’s agenda. She loves kale chips as much as she likes ice cream, owns hundreds of pairs of shoes but wears the same three on rotation, and yoga is as vital to her routine as sleep is to a toddler. We’re convinced she has shares in Uber Eats, but she tells us she’s just disorganised, which we’d say has something to do with the amount of time she spends scrolling through travel and fashion images on her phone.

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